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Special Behavior



Module · Facebook

With this, the resource is going to have a facebook button to share the resource on facebook, you’ll have to set your fb_app_id and fb_app_secret in your configuration and have the fb app configured correctly (It need at leasst permissions to access user pages and to create posts).

You have to whitelist the params fb_message, and fb_page_access_key in your controller

And overwrite instance_method

def share_link
  Rails.application.routes.url_helpers.posts_url(self, host: '')

# optional.
# if this method return something different than nil,
# it's going to be send as the thumbnail of the facebook post,
# by default it returns nil and the image is choosen *randomly* by fb.
def share_picture

That method should return the link that it’s going to be shared.

Make sure your facebook application’s configuration, under Settings > Advanced includes your host (development and production) url in the “Valid OAuth redirect URIs”. For development http://localhost:3000 etc…